Honorary Patrons


                        min rolnictwa                              

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development 

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development is responsible for government policy on farming, rural development, agricultural markets and fishery.The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Republic of Poland conducts numerous information and promotion actions concerning, among others, the Programme "Explore Fine Food"; ecological farming, regional and traditional products, the Programme of Rural Development for the years 2007-2013, the Operational Programme "Sustainable development of the fishery sector and coastal fishing areas 2007-2013".

min sit

Minister of Sport and Tourism

min srodowiska


Chief Nature Conservator

The Ministry of Environment is the institution of governmental administration responsible for environmental protection and water management in Poland. The Ministry fosters sustainable development and respect for the environment in Poland. It influences a long-term development, realized with respect to nature and human rights, while its policy takes account of both the needs of the present and future generations. The Ministry creates the legislation on environment, incl. forestry, environmental protection, air, geology or waste management. It also supervises other institutions, agencies, national parks, forestry schools and research institutes.





Marshal of Małopolska Province

Małopolska, one of 16 Polish regions, covers an area of over 15,000 sq. kilometres with over 3,200,000 inhabitants. There are six national parks, numerous landscape parks and nature reserves within the territory of the Province. The Małopolska Self-government has recognized actions aimed at environmental protection and conservation of natural and cultural heritage as one of its basic tasks for the development of the region.


herb wojewodztwa podkarpackiego


Marshal of Podkarpacie Province

Podkarpacie Province is a place where modern technology encounters pure, unpolluted nature. A thriving "Aviation Valley", economic zones, industrial parks and many other pro-innovative initiatives determine the economic power of Podkarpacie. The virgin territories of Bieszczady Mts. with the Solina Lake, castles, palaces, museums, manor houses and residences create the tourist potential of the region. Podkarpacie is famous for its healthy food, hospitality and unique climate which makes it a unique place on the map of our country. Who has ever been to Podkarpacie will certainly come back here!
Konwencja Karpacka


Carpathian Convention

The Framework Convention on the Protection and Sustainable Development of the Carpathians (The Carpathian Convention) is the second international agreement worldwide concerning a single mountain region. It implies actions for improving quality of life, strengthening local economies and communities as well as the preservation of natural values and cultural heritage.